Truck Driver Lifestyle: 5 Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits

Photo of trucker sleeping on the ground

As a trucker, you work long hours and sleep where you park. Establishing a steady sleeping routine can be next to impossible on the road. Many truckers don’t make sleep a priority, but it’s important to do so.  Did you know that driver fatigue is the most common cause of trucking accidents in the United […]

Time Management for Truck Drivers: 6 Timesaving Tips

As a truck driver, you know how important it is to manage your time. You need to deliver your load on time and sometimes under tight deadlines. Time management affects a truck driver’s salary and getting home to see the people you care about.  While experienced drivers have had years to perfect their time management, […]

Female Truck Driver Safety: 27 Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Photo of woman truck driver and company delivery truck.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of being a professional driver. As a trucker, you probably hear a lot about how to safely secure a load, safely work with hazardous material, and how to drive safely. But something that isn’t talked about as much is personal safety, especially for female truckers.  All truckers […]

How Long Do Semi Truck Brakes Last? How to Maintain Your Semi-Truck’s Brakes

As a trucker, your profession is the lifeblood of the American economy. With 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the USA, trucking is the essential service that other essential services depend upon.   You don’t just need to be on time; you need to be safe, too. Not just for yourself and the family that’s depending […]

What to Do If Your Semi-Truck’s Check Engine Light Comes On

At least 6% of crashes in trucks are due to mechanical failures. Other researchers estimate this to be higher, at around 9% to 18% of all truck-related crashes. Either way, there’s no doubt that vehicle defects are a crucial player in big rig collisions. It’s crucial to pay attention to your semi-truck engine light. Note, […]