7 Tech Tools to Help Truckers Keep in Touch on the Road

Photo of Female truck driver standing next to the cab of her truck near the highway.

There are so many incredible benefits to working as a truck driver. You can make an excellent salary, pick your own working hours, and you have the freedom to see the whole country. 

But life on the road can be difficult as well, especially for your mental health. The truck driver lifestyle and days and nights on the road away from your friends and family can be difficult and have a serious impact on your mental health. 

Fortunately, technology has made it so much easier for us to communicate. Truckers in 2021 can stay in touch with their loved ones via hangout apps, apps for video calling, and more. 

We’ve compiled a list of seven great apps you can use to stay in contact with the people important to you from anywhere in the world. 

From talking and video chatting to music, movies, and even listening to your loved one’s heartbeat, check out these creative apps for a huge variety of options to have fun with and feel close to your loved ones while you’re on the road. 

Tech Tool #1: Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a popular communication app that lets friends and family send short videos to each other. Unlike Snapchat, videos don’t get deleted, so you can watch them whenever it suits you and as many times as you like.

And unlike FaceTime, you don’t have to worry about being in different time zones or calling someone you love at an inconvenient time. 

With Marco Polo, you can also create group chats, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with the family. And it’s free to download on both Android and Apple devices. You’ll just need to make sure your friends and family have downloaded the app as well.

Tech Tool #2: Collaborative Playlists on Spotify

Listening to music is a wonderful way to pass the time on the road, and it can improve your mental health. And sharing the music you love with the people you love is a great way to connect. So why not combine the two? 

Spotify has recently given its collaborative playlist feature an upgrade. This makes it easy to see who contributed what. And even better, you can listen together in real-time.

You can use the free version of Spotify if you don’t mind listening to ads, or upgrade to the premium ad-free account for $9.99 a month. With a premium account, you can download your playlist, so you don’t have to use data. 

Tech Tool #3: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular, free messaging app that lets you send texts, make voice and video calls, leave voice messages and share your location.

WhatsApp makes it easy to send photos and videos that are often too big to be sent via text message, making it one of the best apps for communicating with your family and friends. 

The app also lets you set up group chats, so you can talk one-on-one or add as many groups as you like. 

Tech Tool #4: Bond Touch Bracelets

Wear a Bond Touch bracelet on your wrist and receive regular reminders that your loved one is thinking of you. You can share the love with your partner, friend, or child.

Whenever the other person touches their paired bracelet, your bracelet will buzz to let you know they are thinking of you. And when their bracelet buzzes back, they’ll know you’re thinking of them too.

It’s not possible to send messages or watch videos while you are driving, but it is easy to touch your wrist. That makes this bracelet a great way to feel connected with the one you love even while you’re spending long hours behind the wheel.

A pair of bracelets cost $118 and comes with an app that lets you message each other and send pictures.

Tech Tool #5: Rave Watch Parties

It’s often the little things that we miss when we’re away from our loved ones. Things we take for granted when we’re home, like eating popcorn in front of the television.

So it’s great that there are now hangout apps that let you watch TV shows and movies together in real-time and chat while we’re doing it. Rave is a free app that lets you perfectly sync the show you’re watching with your loved ones.

You can use it to watch Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube. And you can text or voice chat with each other while you watch. And this app is free and available for Android and Apple devices. 

Tech Tool #6: Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is another bracelet that you can wear to feel more connected to your loved one. Pillow Talk allows you to listen to your loved one’s heartbeat in real-time.

This can be particularly comforting when you’re falling asleep at night. The bracelet captures the heartbeat of the person wearing it and sends it to a little speaker that you place under your pillow. And in return, of course, they can hear yours.

Because of its detailed technology, Pillow Talk is the most expensive tool on our list, coming in at $200. it’s a bit of an investment, but if it helps you combat loneliness on the road, it can be well worth it for you.

Tech Tool #7: QuizUp

QuizUp is a great app that lets you test your trivia skills on pretty much any topic. You can play against your friends in real-time, or you can test yourself against strangers. 

Whether you have a passion for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or 1980s rock, you’ll find your people here. There are over 1000 official trivia categories, so you’re sure to find something you’re interested in. It is a lot of fun and can even be educational!

Play with your loved ones when they’re online, or play with other app users. QuizUp is free to download on the App Store or Google Play. 

Take Care of Yourself and Your Truck

Taking care of your mental health should be your priority. And as a trucker, second to your mental and physical health is taking care of your truck. 

Breakdowns and truck maintenance can keep you away from your friends and family longer than necessary. Make sure you get regular maintenance, and you have a truck repair shop you can count on for surprise breakdowns and mechanical issues. 

At Kelly’s Truck, we have fifty years of experience to help get your truck in perfect condition. Our road call trucks are ready if you ever have a roadside breakdown, and our qualified mechanics can help with any service, big or small. 

Get your truck in top condition so that you can get back home to your loved ones as fast as possible. Contact Kelly’s Truck today for maintenance and repairs, or request a quote online

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