In-House Truck Repair: 5 Reasons to Choose a Shop That Does It All

As a trucker, you know one of the most critical parts of your routine is making sure your truck has routine maintenance. For fleet owners and operators, you know you need to ensure that your trucks and truck maintenance is a top priority. Your livelihood depends on your truck, so keeping it running at 100% is vital. 

But even truckers who always stay on top of their truck maintenance experience breakdowns and unexpected problems on the road. When this happens, you have to take time away from work while waiting for your truck repairs. You can choose to do your truck repair at a shop that outsources repairs, or you can choose a shop that does in-house truck repair. 

It’s an experience all seasoned truckers know all too well… waiting for days to hear an update and get back to your route. And it’s frustrating because your time is your money. 

If you’re a fleet manager or owner, you know the importance of fast, reliable repairs and maintenance for your fleet and crew. 

Breakdowns happen, but it’s up to you to find the best repair shop that will address all your needs and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. This is why you need a reliable and efficient truck repair shop that offers all its services in-house, rather than outsourcing the difficult work. 

In-house truck repair will save you time and money so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. 

Truck Repair the Old Way

In the past, most repair shops didn’t have the capacity to do all repairs in-house. This meant your truck being transferred between different shops and looked at by a handful of different technicians and apprentices. 

This process can be very time-consuming. You have to wait while your truck is transferred between shops or while parts and fabrications are shipped, and you’ll probably have to speak to more than one person about different aspects of the repair (never mind having to speak to clients about why you’re not on the road). 

You could spend days waiting for an appointment or waiting around for an update while your truck is transferred or your parts are on order. And during that time, you’re losing money while you wait. 

If you need to food shop, you don’t go to four different farmers to get your meat, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. You probably go to one grocery store, where you can get everything you need quickly and easily. So why send your truck to multiple shops if you could choose one that does repairs in-house?

The Benefits of an In-House Truck Repair Shop

An in-house truck repair shop is one that can repair all the parts of your truck without outsourcing repairs to other shops. 

All the repairs are done under one roof, from engine repair to tire replacement, painting to fabrication, and everything in between

There are many benefits to choosing a repair shop that does all its repairs in-house, including quality control, cost-savings, and reliability. 

We’ve compiled a list of the five reasons you should consider switching to a truck repair shop that can do everything in-house. 

1) Quality Control 

Choosing the right repair shop for your truck helps is an integral part of your career success. If you’re a fleet manager, the right truck repair shop helps define the success of your company. 

An in-house repair shop fully understands the ins and outs of your truck or fleet and all the repairs associated with the job. When your mechanic and repair shop understand all aspects of your repair, they are better able to carry out quality control on your vehicle and ensure the entire process is completed properly. 

A repair shop that does in-house repairs can more easily decide which elements of the repair are a priority and what should be worked on first, rather than trusting several different shops to do the job. 

2) Faster Repairs

If you’re relying on a repair shop that outsources some of the repairs, it’s going to take longer to get your truck fixed.

You could spend days waiting for an update, or you could call your repair shop only to find out they’re waiting for an update from the outsourced location. Depending on the problem, you might even have to manage multiple calls from different technicians, all with different time estimates. 

When all repairs are done in-house, you eliminate that wasted time. And you know that your time is your money. 

3) Accountability 

When you use an in-house truck repair shop, it makes it easier for you to monitor overall repairs and maintenance. With all the repairs being handled by one shop, that shop has an up-to-date record of repairs done, when, and by whom. 

Checking on your repairs takes just one phone call, and your technician should be able to give you a comprehensive list of everything that’s going on, how the repair process is going, and how much more time the repairs will take. 

Choosing a repair shop that does repairs in-house makes it easier for you to keep tabs on your vehicle.

4) Cost-Effective Repairs

An in-house repair shop saves you the extra cost you might incur from outsourcing to other shops. For example, you may be charged a service fee for your truck’s transport from one location to another, or shipping fees on custom fabricated parts. 

When you have all your repairs done in one place, they’re better able to give you a quote based on all the work they will do. If you choose a shop that outsources, even though you think you’re getting one quote, you’re actually getting the total of the bills added up from different repair shops. This could ultimately be more expensive. 

The more people and repair shops involved in the process, the more expensive your repair job is likely to get. Unlike traditionally outsourced repairs, a one-stop-shop is more cost-effective. 

This also makes your full bill easier to break down and could save you time on invoices and accounting. 

5) Reliability and Experience

A repair shop that offers extensive repair services and a large parts inventory is a repair shop with the experience you can trust. 

Selecting the right truck repair shop means choosing a shop that is experienced enough to offer a wide range of services and means you probably won’t hear those dreaded words: “oh, we don’t carry that part.”

If a repair shop does everything in-house, chances are they’re reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced. And that’s what you want for the most important tool of your trade: your truck. 

Get Back on the Road as Fast as Possible 

Kelly’s Truck offers the best solution for all your repair needs. Kelly’s Truck does it all, and we do it in-house.

Break down on the road? No problem, we offer roadside assistance. Having issues with your brakes? We’ve got you covered. Need a clutch replacement? We can do that too. Need a paint touch up? Bring it to our in-house paint shop. Custom fabrication job? We do that, too. 

Save yourself time, money, frustration, and missed work, and contact Kelly’s Truck today. You can view all our services, and get a customized quote online, too.

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