The 5 Most Common Health Issues Facing Truckers Today

Sitting for multiple hours a day is bad for anyone’s health. But as a truck driver, you are not just sitting; you’re actively driving and on the road for all this time.  Whether it is deadlines or inaccessibility, you cannot get up and move around or go home for a healthy home-cooked meal at any […]

Mental Health for Truck Drivers: How To Take Care of Yourself on the Road

As a trucker, it can feel like you’re living your whole life behind the wheel, mostly alone except for rest stops and destinations.  Social isolation is just one piece of the mental health puzzle. And not just for truck drivers, but for everyone. The same things that impact your mental health as a truck driver […]

How Long Do Semi Truck Brakes Last? How to Maintain Your Semi-Truck’s Brakes

As a trucker, your profession is the lifeblood of the American economy. With 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the USA, trucking is the essential service that other essential services depend upon.   You don’t just need to be on time; you need to be safe, too. Not just for yourself and the family that’s depending […]

What to Do If Your Semi-Truck’s Check Engine Light Comes On

At least 6% of crashes in trucks are due to mechanical failures. Other researchers estimate this to be higher, at around 9% to 18% of all truck-related crashes. Either way, there’s no doubt that vehicle defects are a crucial player in big rig collisions. It’s crucial to pay attention to your semi-truck engine light. Note, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Diagnosing a Semi-Truck Fluid Leak To

If your rig isn’t working, neither are you.  One of the surest signs of a problem on its way is a leak in your semi-truck. Those suspicious spots left behind aren’t just ugly and embarrassing; they’re your rig letting you know there’s a problem. The longer you wait to bring it into Kelly’s, the worse […]

7 Essential Tools to Have in Your Semi Truck

The trucking industry is enormous, employing up to 8.9 million people across the US, with 3.5 million truck drivers running an estimated 2 million semi-trucks and 5.6 million semi-trailers.  Are you one of the 3.5 million semi-truck drivers on America’s highways? If so, you know the importance of safety. You’ve seen enough accidents and break […]